John D. Lovett Storecards

    John Doubleday Lovett produced a very limited variety of his storecards and putting together a complete set is a bit challenging because of the scarcity of the silver examples but not an altogether impossible task. He produced one die used to describe his work ("wedding and visiting cards" etc.) and combined this with two other dies - the New Congress Hall die and seal press die with his name and address. The seal press combination is known in silver, brass, copper, and white metal. The New Congress Hall combination in all but the white metal. SCUST list a muling of the New Congress Hall die with the seal press die in brass.

Seal Press Tokens
NY 496, silver, 25mm
(image courtesy of Stacks Bowers)

NY 497, copper, 25mm

NY 498, brass, 25mm

NY 499K, white metal, 25mm

Seal press similar to one pictured on tokens

New Congress Hall Tokens

These tokens are interesting in that neither die 
identifies John D. Lovett!
NY 500, silver, 25mm

NY 501, Copper, 25mm

(on line image)

NY 502, brass, 25mm

Seal Press / New Congress Hall Mule

NY 503, brass, 25mm